Spilker Ales

Sam Spilker, owner of Spilker Ales, explains his brewing process to a tour group in late January. Spilker brews Hopluia beer in the Cortland brewery, which will have an open house next week as he introduces a new brew, Sonar.

Hopluia has an extra, invisible syllable that makes it sort of rhyme with hallelujah. 

We are singing the Gospel of Hops, after all. 

Sam Spilker, owner of Spilker Ales in Cortland, says it's supposed to sound like Hop-a-LOO-ya.

It's the name of his only brew for the last 11 years.

"We are the only brewery out of thousands that has brewed only one beer this long," Spilker said in an email. "But alas, as more consumers grew to love craft beer, so has their desire for constant variety!"

So Spilker will be introducing a new beer, Sonar, next week. 

"This will be an aroma explosion of nose-pinging hops you won't want to miss," Spilker said.

The Sonar release, open house and tours at Spilker Ales, 300 W. Fourth St., Cortland, will be from 4-7 p.m. Thursday, 3-7:30ish March 13th, and from noon to 4 p.m. March 14. 402BBQ will provide meats and eats.

"We've decided to keep our focus on hops like we always have, but a constant variety of new hop flavors will be introduced when Sonar hits the market," Spilker said. "Sonar will be groundbreaking with every batch having different hops.

"The result will be a beer that's always hoppy, but each batch will have radical differences from the unique flavors imparted from the hops."

Hopluia and Sonar will be for sale by the case of six 22-ounce bottles. Sonar will be sold only in mixed batch cases, two bottles each of three batches.

"The Lincoln and Omaha markets will roll out Sonar at a later date, it could be quite a while yet before we get all our ducks in a row," Spilker said.

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