They said it: "The criticism, we don't even listen to. We could care less what people say about us. It's about the 140 guys and coaches in that room. Everyone else, we don't even worry about. Let people say what they wanna say. We just got back to work." — senior safety P.J. Smith

A worthwhile timeout: I know some are annoyed by how many timeouts Nebraska uses on defense. And I don't have to guess there was some muttering across the stadium, and the state, when the Huskers used one after just one play Saturday. But Bo Pelini seemed to get his money's worth on that one. Arkansas State plays at a fast pace and Pelini spent much of that timeout in a ref's ear letting him know that the defense, by rule, needed to have time to match personnel before the ball was put in play. The message seemed to get through, with officials doing just that.

Playing to the crowd: How could you not like what Kenny Bell brought to the table? And I'm not just talking about the two TD catches. How about his hurdling skills? After a kickoff return in the third quarter, he was pushed out of bounds. His momentum carried him to the fence. Problem? Nope. Bell hurdled it. Then urged the crowd to give him a little noise. The guy's more than a good quote. He's a really good all-around player.

Flashback moment: When Tom Osborne came to the podium to address the media after the game. He was there, of course, to talk about Bo Pelini's health. But it was still a sight to see the old coach behind the rostrum after a game. Osborne was obviously feeling the flashback, too. "I never thought I'd do this again," he said.

-- Brian Christopherson