* Lincoln is Pfizer's global manufacturing center for animal health biological products -- vaccines for disease prevention

* Products manufactured in Lincoln are exported to more than 80 countries.

* Also residing on the Lincoln site is Pfizer's Veterinary Medicine Biologicals Development Group, which develops processes and formulas for new products.

* Approximately 500 people work at Pfizer Lincoln.

* Located at 601 W. Cornhusker Hwy. covers 145 acres and includes 1.08 million square feet.

* Operation started in 1919 as Norden Laboratories, sold to SmithKline Beecham in 1965 and Pfizer in 1995.

* Recent investment:

$4 million, production facility upgrades in 2009-2010.

$76 million, Lyophilization capacity expansion in 2007: enables Pfizer to fill, freeze dry and cap products that are sold in freeze-dried form ($35MM); Diphtheria toxoid facility -- to produce raw material required to produce Improvac, a product that serves as a immuno-sterilization treatment for swine ($26MM); Pilot laboratory -- used by drug developers to scale up and transfer new products into production ($15MM).

* Pfizer site leader: Betsy Williams

* Key products (vaccines): RespiSure -- an aid in preventing respiratory disease in swine; BoviShield -- an aid in preventing respiratory and reproductive disease in cattle; Vanguard line -- an aid in preventing canine enteric disease; ScourGuard -- an aid in passive maternal immunization of calves against neo-natal calf diarrhea; Felocell CVR-C -- an aid in preventing respiratory disease in cats; H1N1 flu vaccine for swine.