The Lincoln Regional Center's 107-acre campus is home to a state-run, 250-bed psychiatric hospital for mentally ill people considered dangerous to themselves or others.

Most have been committed for sex offenses. Forty-six others are court-ordered there because they've been found incompetent to stand trial or not responsible for crimes by reason of insanity. Of those found not responsible by reason of insanity, eight have killed someone, said CEO Bill Gibson.

The center has about 500 staff, including about a dozen unarmed security guards.

Patient buildings are locked, with fenced-in recreation yards. The campus itself, also home to Nebraska Department of Correctional Services offices, is unfenced and open to the public.

The Lincoln center is one of three state-run regional centers in Nebraska, all overseen by the state Department of Health and Human Services Division of Behavioral Health. The other two are in Norfolk and Hastings.

- Courtesy Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services